We sell pumps for liquid (such as milk etc.) and thick (such as mayonnaise, ketchup etc.) food products.
We offer centrifugal pumps with 6,3m3/h - 50m3/h productivity for liquid products. These pumps may be self-absorbing and may be used in explosive atmosphere.
We offer helical rotating and gearwheel pumps with 0,9m3/h - 10m3/h productivity for thick products. Helical pumps are self-absorbing pumps.
All pumps parts which have contact with product are made of stainless steel (AISI 304). All pumps have hygiene certificates.
On request we may provide direct lift, displacement and gravity pumps, homogenizers.
All pumps have 1 year warranty and we will be able to provide you with spare parts during period of exploitation.